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Have you ever wanted to achieve the perfect brow shape with your eyebrows but weren't sure where to start? Sister brow threading in Montreal offers threading services for women of all ages. Our skilled estheticians can give you a polished look that is achieved without chemicals, heat, or blades. With this ancient technique, one visit to us and your facial hair will be gone.

Threading is a method of hair removal that removes facial hair from the follicle without completely removing it from your skin. Unlike shaving, laser services, or other forms of depilation, threading prevents hair from growing back for up to six weeks. Threading is reserved for areas on the face that are not prone to ingrown hairs; but because it may take time and effort to remove an entire head at once, you should always come back for another session in four-to-five weeks. Your esthetician will be able to provide additional information about maintenance at the time of your appointment.